Doing some catching up from the weekend and here are three interesting stories that popped up over the last few days.

Sony sells over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in first 24 hours (Engadget) – Thursday night at midnight the PS4 became available and the reports are that in the first 24 hours over 1 million consoles were sold. Those are great numbers but there are numerous reports of consoles that were dead on arrival when gamers got them home and tried to use them.  In the scheme of things it appears to be a small number but the last thing a company wants with a launch like this is negative stuff.  Definitely will have to keep an eye on things to see how that gets updated early this week.

Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough (Exchange On-Premises) (TechNet Blog) – What perfect timing for this walkthough to come out as I have been fighting intermittent Office 365 connectivity issues to our hosted Exchange accounts. Although we still see an issue connecting to the server every once in a while after following these steps it has improved overall.

Ballmer admits Microsoft needs a new leader for change (The Verge) – Microsoft’s outgoing CEO, Steve Ballmer, was interviewed by the WSJ about his tenure at Microsoft and most of the big tech blogs picked up the story over the weekend.  Since the WSJ is behind a paywall the best way to see parts of what was said is to check out the tech blog coverage of the interview.  The big revelation that everyone has seemed to focus on is that he indicated that Microsoft does need a new leader to make the changes that are necessary for the company to move forward.

I hope everyone has a terrific week. Just four more days until Xbox One and then we will get to compare its launch to Sony’s PS4 numbers.