Would you like a central spot, in the form of a Modern Windows 8/8.1 app, to find great MSDN and Patterns and Practices e-books from authors on various Microsoft technologies?

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The TechBooks App, developed by TechBooks, Inc., brings all of those resources into one app which supports online and offline reading and many other features.

TechBooks app is for those planning a software career or wish to enhance their technical skillsets and improve career opportunities.
App provides the following capabilities. Easily discover, download and read freely available technical MSDN & Patterns and Practices e-books while online or offline. No ads whatsoever in the application & completely free app to view/read/download the freely available technical e-books listed in the catalog only.

In app features include:

  • Supports portrait, landscape and min. width of 500 px – Allow you to view/us multiple applications side-by-side
  • Follows general Windows 8 guidelines, focuses on delivering content with contextual buttons in lower appbar & leverages semantic-zoom feature (zoom-up) to display the list of subjects.

Reading view screenshot:

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