During the Nokia World keynote, while showing off the new Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone to the world, Stephen Elop announced that official apps for Vine and Instagram would be coming in the upcoming weeks to Windows Phone.

After seeing a picture tweeted from Rudy Huhn, the developer of 6tag (Instagram) and 6sec (Vine) with Stephen Elop, I am wondering if he might not be the developer behind bringing those official apps to the platform.

His unofficial apps for those services are better in many ways to the official versions on iOS and Android.

Some other evidence that Rudy and his work has gotten closer to Nokia is that his 6tag app for Windows Phone was added to the Nokia Collection recently:

Then he was obviously in the company of Nokia’s Stephen Elop himself recently – maybe some private talks about his apps and their ultimate destination:

We will have to keep our eyes on things as they move forward.

Update: Well my idea has been shot down by the man himself:

Oh well. The official apps are still coming however, they might be overshadowed by the quality 3rd party apps Rudy has already built for these services.