I hope you had a chance this past weekend to take it easy and get rested up as we are about to dive into a very busy week of tech.

Here are a few items to start your Monday off.

Microsoft confirms it is working on a Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone (The Next Web) – Last week Microsoft announced apps for iOS and Android to remotely access your Windows but conspicuously missing was a Windows Phone app.  Microsoft has done a great job at making their many of their services available cross platform but this is the second app that Windows Phone users have played second fiddle – the first was Skype as the WP version received features after they arrived on iOS and Android.

Twitter Likely to Kill Its Music App (All Things D) – I always thought this was Twitter reaching into another area just to be there instead of a serious option. Now it seems it simply is not pulling any market share and it is time for it to be shutdown.

UK retailer Argos briefly breaks Surface 2’s sales embargo date (Neowin) – Ooops. Some folks in the UK were able to walk into their local Argos store and leave with a brand new Surface 2 device. They bought the device of course but it was sold a little ahead of the 22 October retail availability date.  Not the first time something like this has occurred.

Have a great week and stay safe out there!