Well this time next week we will be 24 hours into the release of the Windows 8.1 update to current Windows 8 users. The update, which will be delivered through the Windows Store for those already on Windows 8, should be available early on the 17th of October as the roll out begins.

As we close up this week here are a few stories that you should read and catch up on.

AT&T finally rolling out GDR2 update to Lumia 820s and 920s (ARS Technica) – Those of us on AT&T using the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 handsets FINALLY received the long awaited GDR2 and Amber updates for our handsets.  That means we finally have access to the GDR2/Amber specific app Nokia Pro Cam which is the same lens interface that is default on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Check out All About Windows Phone’s What’s new in the GDR2 and Lumia Amber Windows Phone updates? post to see all the details and video demos.

Coming October 18 – The New Fresh Paint! (Windows Experience Blog) –  In conjunction with the General Availability of Windows 8.1 we will likely see some new partnerships, hopefully some new official apps as well as the apps that will be updated for Windows 8.1 that are already in the store. One of the very popular apps in the Windows Store, Fresh Paint, has already announced the features it will get in a new update that becomes available alongside Windows 8.1 in this blog post.

Google Sets Plan to Sell Users’ Endorsements (The New York Times) –  This past week we found out that Facebook plans to opt everyone in to their search pool by removing your ability to opt out of that features and now we have Google apparently getting ready to sell your +1’s and other ratings you give in their services to the highest advertising bidder.  Luckily you as the user still have the ability to opt out of this by visiting Google’s Shared Endorsements website. By default you are opted in to Shared Endorsements so you have to visit that website and opt out to not be included. Once again an example of where a company should let you opt in instead of having to go and opt out. The reason they do it this way is because some will not even read this news and never go to the site to opt out and then Google automatically has permission to use their data. Go opt yourself out.

Stay safe out there this weekend.