Yesterday Microsoft’s outgoing CEO, Steve Ballmer, was on stage during Gartner’s Symposium IT Expo 2013 in Orlando, Florida where he talked about Microsoft’s continued transition to a device and services company.

This Gartner event is labeled as “The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIO’s and Senior IT Executives”.

He spent just less than an hour on stage with David W. Cearley,  VP & Gartner Fellow at Gartner and Tiffani Bova, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner.

The big news item that came out of this keynote was that there is a touch first version of Office coming at some point and that it would then head to iPad.

Honestly, it is an interesting discussion and well worth a listen if you are a Microsoft fan/follower.

See the entire video on demand at

Source: @TomWarren via Twitter