One of the more common things said about the first generation Surface commercials, you know the ones with people dancing around water fountains and on conference tables, was that they failed to show the capabilities of what Surface could do.

Recently Microsoft began featuring real life usage scenarios for Surface in a series of videos profiling customers and their business application of the device.

With the announcement of the second generation Surface devices earlier this week more videos are being added to the official Surface YouTube channel showing the upcoming devices off.

The one thing you will not find in these new videos is dancers.

The latest video posted is called Surface Frames and is just over 1 minute in run time. Using a building façade you fade in and out of a handful of scenes that shows the devices use in scenarios including fitting nicely on an aircraft seat tray, a photographers studio, a student and an astronomer.

If you have watched the Surface Movement video then you will notice one familiar thing and that is the music in the background of the Surface Frames commercial but it is no longer the focus of the video like it was last year in Surface Movement.

This commercial uses the tag line “Surface 2 – One device for everything in your life.”

What do you think of this commercial compared to Surface Movement?