As another week comes to a close I am reminded at how quick the tech world moves along. Although tech news slows down at times there is never really a period of complete silence on the technology front. Somewhere there are always things happening and some things just grab all the headlines while others slide by un-noticed but making an impact none the less.

Here are some things that grabbed our attention this past week.

Ballmer bids tearful farewell to Microsoft, promises it will ‘deliver the next big thing’ (The Verge) – Yesterday Microsoft held their annual company meeting in Seattle and it was the venue for Steve Ballmer’s final farewell to some of Microsoft’s full time employees. It should be no surprise that Ballmer was emotional as he has always been an enthusiastic and passionate leader. He brought about a lot of positive at Microsoft and also oversaw some down cycles and poor decisions during his tenure as CEO.  Right now a lot of the focus of the tech press is on his blunders but I think time will soften that and he will be recalled as someone who took Microsoft forward in many ways.

Microsoft preps unified Windows app store, says sources (cNet) –  During the Microsoft company meeting yesterday, just like they do each year, many different technologies were demoed to the attendees to show things different organizations in the company are working on.  In this story, Mary Jo Foley writes under her cNet persona about a merged app store where all Windows and Windows Phone apps will be in one place.  No details on when but MJF says it is suppose to go into effect in the next version of Windows. Something to most definitely keep an eye on.

First look: Amazon’s Kindle Fire ‘Origami’ stand in action (GeekWire) – Microsoft was not the only company announcing new hardware this week as Amazon revealed their upcoming Kindle Fire HDX tablets and an updated Kindle Fire HD.  The hardware looks fine compared to past Amazon devices but for me this Origami cover is versatile as it not only covers and protects the device but it also allows it to rest in both landscape and portrait display modes.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay safe out there!