Looking for further proof of Microsoft’s effort to provide their services on every possible screen in the house or at your office?

Check out the new Bing which is now in preview at http://www.bing.com/preview.

Not only can you see the new Bing preview but there are also a few videos to walk you through these new experiences.

Some of the areas the updated Bing info page covers includes:

  • Bing.com redesigned – You will start to notice some changes coming to Bing.com. We’re updating every day to make your search experience faster and better across devices. We invite you to take an early look at how we’re evolving. From a new logo to an updated color palette, our new identity aligns with the Microsoft family of products while retaining our unique character. Get the backstory on how it was developed.
  • Bing in the new Windows – Search your world, not just the web. Get search results from your PC or tablet, the cloud, apps and the web. All in one place with Bing Smart Search on the new Windows.
  • New apps for the new Windows – Bing apps bring rich, customizable experiences to your Windows PC, tablet and phone. Get the best of Food & Drink, Health & Fitness and more.
  • Bing in Windows Phone – Finding is faster and easier on Windows Phone. You can find what you’re looking for using voice, text, camera or touch and find great local recommendations with Local Scout. All courtesy of Bing.
  • Bing in Xbox – Talk to your Xbox to discover games, music, movies and TV shows. Bing finds what you’re looking for and powers every conversation between you and your Xbox.
  • Bing in Office – From Bing Maps in Excel to Image Search in Word, the Bing apps help you get more done without leaving your documents.

The Bing brand has certainly grown and spread across Microsoft devices and services. Make sure you also take a look at the videos that are embedded on the new Bing information page.