The sports world this weekend was bonkers between weather delays, loud record breaking stadiums, shaved eyebrows and crazy close finishes.

I am glad to report that the tech world was fairly quiet throughout all of that but there were a few stories from the last couple of days that can help get your week started.

September 2013 Office Update: Targeting and Repeated Offering (Office Blog) – There were several patches released last week on Patch Tuesday that caused some issues including the same ones being offered for installation over and over again as well as one that broke one of the panes in Outlook 2013.  Late in the week Microsoft addressed those updates and re-issued them to get things on track. The one other thing these bad patches started was a quality control discussion about the testing for updates before they hit Windows Update. That is a conversation we will continue to keep an eye on.

Behind Microsoft Deal, the Specter of a Nokia Android Phone (The New York Times) – This story highlights the fact that before an agreement was reached between Microsoft and Nokia for the Redmond software company to acquire the Finnish companies phone business that Nokia was running Android on its Lumia line of handsets.  According to the story the project was confidential but Microsoft execs were aware that it was going on.  Here is my question – could Microsoft move in this direction now that they are acquiring the company to become part of their device and services movement? Is it unreasonable with the amount of money Microsoft is making on Android patents for them to build there own Android based handset? Imagine the discussion that would generate!

Y2K All Over Again as Windows XP Approaches End of Support (WindowsObserver) – Speaking of generating discussions I want to point you towards the comments, over 60 to date, on this story I wrote early last week comparing the loss of Windows XP support to Y2K. The story was featured in the PC Pitstop newsletter that went out last Thursday night and the conversation has been going on since then and continues. I plan to do a follow up post highlighting the various perceptions, thoughts and actions that many plan to take as Windows XP expires next April but I invite you to the discussion today so you can see them for yourself as it happens. It is enlightening how some see this process.

Have a great week everyone.