I have been very busy this week with a couple of projects I have been working on and so I have not been able to post here at the site.

However, that does not mean there was not some cool stuff happening in the part of the tech world that I keep an eye on.

Here are three things to check out:

Microsoft rolls out 50GB mailboxes for Exchange Online, Office 365 (ZD Net) – All kinds of storage now for those who pay for a hosted Microsoft Exchange Online email account. This week it was announced the default 25GB mailbox was being doubled to 50GB for all subscribers. So for a single hosted email account you now get 50Gb of storage for $60 per year and your email is accessible across the Microsoft ecosystem. The roll out started this week and will be done worldwide by the end of November.

Xbox Live Marketplace rebranded as Xbox Games Store (Joystiq) – Earlier this week one of the first visible steps towards the next generation Xbox One console was the end of Microsoft Points. Now another re-labeling has occurred over on the site formerly known as the Xbox Marketplace moving towards the new console. The Xbox Marketplace is now the Xbox Games Store and yes everything is available in your local currency.

SimCity for Mac arrives with issues that prevent installation and gameplay (Engadget) – Remember a few months ago when SimCity launched and crashed hard under the load of gamers? In response to that the folks at SimCity had to reduce features on the servers to get things rolling again, which apparently they did, but not before the Internet let them know they failed miserably.  Well you would think they would have been ready for issues as they launched the same game for the Mac crowds – right? Apparently not as users reported installation issues and the inability to actually play the game.  Apparently the issues have been resolved but still after what happened earlier this year there should not have been even the slightest hiccup with this one.

Enjoy your weekend.