First things first – if you have not grabbed Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case 0, the final August Games with Gold freebies, then head over to Games with Gold and download them to your Xbox 360 as they will turn back into paid items for Gold members after tomorrow.

Once you have that complete then make sure you are ready on Sunday, the first day of September, to grab the next freebie in the Games with Gold program.

In fact, Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson, has revealed what both of September’s free downloads will be.

Between 1 – 15 September you can obtain Magic 2013 and then starting the 16th of September you will have access to a free download of Rainbow Six® Vegas until the 30th of the month.

That is nearly $30 worth of games at no cost for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the month of September.

Games with Gold is expected to run through the end of this year and will continue to offer two free game downloads to Gold subscribers each month.