Welcome to Episode 102!

It never fails that as I am closing out an episodes notes more stuff comes up to be added in. This week it is in the realm of Microsoft vs Google over a Windows Phone YouTube App.

Of course I hit on that and many other things including announcing the three winners of our Observed Tech Episode 100 Giveaway celebrating our 100th show.  Listen to the show for the details to see If you are one of the winners – that is if you entered the contest over the last couple of weeks. However, even if you did not get the chance to enter please listen to the show!

Also in the show notes for today are Windows Phone updates, Patch Tuesday’s successful history and what it has changed for users of all types, a mix of Xbox One related updates and info and of course some Windows 8.1 details.

Specific areas covered in this show include:

  • The first annual Code on the Beach Conference here in North East Florida
  • SpaceX’s grasshopper does some sideways maneuvering
  • New web pages for apps in the Windows Store
  • Windows Phone  GDR2, Lumia Amber and the Nokia Pro Camera app for Lumia phones get released
  • How Patch Tuesday has changed the way customers approach security updates
  • Microsoft sued for Surface losses by shareholders
  • New channels to get Surface devices
  • Office 365 gets a big contract in New York
  • Paul Thurrott’s 5 favorite things about Office 365
  • The Microsoft and Google YouTube App mess
  • Xbox One’s up and down week of news
  • Games for Windows Live shutting down
  • Another big name joins the Windows Store
  • Windows 8.1 availability gets a date
  • Skype confirmed as built in on Windows 8.1

Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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