Microsoft has taken a lot of heat for its advertising scheme for Surface since it came out last fall.  The first two commercials featured dancers and primarily showing off the clicking in capability of the device.

More recently Microsoft has started to feature individuals from all walks of life in commercials and videos showing how they put Surface to use in their passions, hobbies or work places.

I think the effect is much better now.

These videos are posted on the Surface YouTube Channel under the header Life with Surface.

The latest one features Drew Crockett who runs Philadelphia’s Hub Bub Coffee:

Past videos in this area include:

They do a very good job of showing the versatility of Surface across a wide swath of lifestyles and also communicating its capabilities besides just the cool click sound.

Of course there are the newer commercials comparing Surface to iPad that are apparently very popular based on the number of views they are getting:

Still no dancers to be seen in these!