Hope your weekend was good, productive and that you had a chance to unwind just a little bit before we dive into this new week.

Here are a few things that caught our eye over the last couple of days:

WordPress now powers 18.9% of the Web, has over 46m downloads, according to founder Matt Mullenweg (The Next Web) – During WordCamp San Francisco this weekend Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg shared some stats and roadmap info about the popular blogging service WordPress. He shared that there has been over 46 million downloads of the core WordPress files and that there are over 26,000 plugins in the library for it. He also spent some time talking about the next few releases of WordPress including feature focus and a timeline.

Nokia: your favorite apps are coming to Windows Phone 8, it’s simply a matter of when (Engadget) – Bryan Biniak, Nokia’s Vice President and General Manager for App Development stated in an interview in London that it is no longer a matter of if the popular and big name apps are coming to Windows Phone but it is when they will arrive on the platform. I sure hope that this is the case. I am not in need of every popular app that is out there but in the long run it will be good for the platform and its longevity. The day has to arrive where apps are developed on Windows Phone at the same time as they are released on other platforms. To me that will truly be the benchmark for Windows Phone.

“Extremely popular” Nokia Lumia 1020 running out of stock once again at AT&T (WMPoweruser) – Pre-orders for the latest Nokia Lumia device were sold out pretty quick on a couple of different sites and now after the phones retail availability last Friday it seems that popularity is now causing order delays.  Surely a bummer for those individuals waiting for their new phone but a good sign for the phone itself.

If you track the Observed Tech PODCAST I host then you know I will be recording our 100th episode this week.  I will do that show after I get the chance to visit Kennedy Space Center this week to see the new Atlantis exhibit that opened to the public last month.  Expect lots of pictures and coverage of that visit on social media and here on the website.

Have a great week!