There is now a second RSS reader in the Windows Store that supports the popular Feedly Cloud for keeping up with your various RSS subscriptions. Feedly was one of the services that replaced Google Reader as it shut down earlier this month.

Readly, available in the Windows Store here, just added the Feedly support this past week and the app is available with a trial option with ads or can be purchased for $2.99.

The app has 48 reviews as of this posting for an average of just over 4 stars which is a very good sign in these early stages.

As with any app it is in development and features are being added on a regular basis.  The developer has a site dedicated to getting your feedback on the app and to submit your feature requests.

You can submit those items to their UserVoice site – and see more info about the app at the developers main website at

I also asked the devs if there was a Windows Phone version of Readly in the works and they did indicate they plan to port this app over to the platform in the future.

So lets take a quick peek at the app itself as I was trying it out:

Readly Boot Screen – I really like that logo by the way.

Screenshot (156)

Blank main screen with no items to be read.

Screenshot (158)

App Bar showing Sync, Mark Read, Filter and Sort buttons.

Screenshot (157)

Main screen of Readly with articles to be read. Just swipe left to move through all unread articles. In the lower right corner of each article there is a Mark as Read envelope, a Star to save the item and a Mark All Previous Items as read button.

Screenshot (161)

Full screen article reading page is accessed by tapping on the article on the previous screen.

Screenshot (159)

By tapping or clicking the All Items link in the upper left corner of the app you get sorting options as well the option to read your feeds one by one.

Screenshot (160)

All in all the app seems to work well and can be a viable alternative to Next Matters Nextgen Reader which already supports Feedly with Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

Plus, having options is never a bad thing at all!