One of the new features in the Windows App Store in Windows 8.1 is the automatic updating of any apps you install from the store.

This is set as a default so the first time you install Windows 8.1 the option will be turned on and app updates will happen in the background.  There is no type of notification that an app has been updated nor is there anywhere to go see a list of recently updated apps similar to say Windows Update History.

That point has been discussed at length on Twitter and in support forums so it will be interesting to see if this changes in the RTM version of Windows 8.1.

When you think about it have you ever not updated an app that received an update in the Windows Store? Yeah me neither – every time there is an update I install it.  So the feature makes a lot of sense and many will appreciate it just taking care of business behind the scenes.

Since we know the option is coming to Windows 8.1, and whether we get an app update history or not, you may want to turn this off on your system.

To do this just open the Windows Store from your Start Screen:


Now open the Charms Bar and select App updates

Screenshot (153)

On the App updates page just turn off the Automatically update my apps by tapping the Yes button and turning it into a No.

Screenshot (154)

Now when you tap/click the Check for updates button you will see the familiar App updates page but even this has changed in the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Screenshot (152)

What you will find missing is the ability to review the apps release notes, that is if the developer prepared any, before you install the update.

I imagine those who like to be in control of when an app updates also likes to review release notes before hand so this will present some challenges.

However, if you select just one of the apps listed on the update page you will go to its full listing in the Windows Store and you can see the release notes/updates from there.