See what I did there?

Leading up to the official reveal of the Nokia Lumia 1020 a couple of weeks ago all the talk was on the camera and its ability to zoom into any area of a picture it takes and get high quality results.

In the pictures shown on launch day, as well as those that have been posted since then, it is obvious that the camera meets those expectations and goes well beyond them.

Reviews have started popping up on major tech sites that had review units in their hands after the announcements were made and the overall sense I get from them is the camera is out of this world and the phone is pretty good too.

Here are a few of them:

By far my favorite of the group is Mary Jo Foley’s, the one on All About Microsoft, because she approaches this review as an end user and someone who admittedly does not make a smart phone purchase with the camera as a major decision point.  I get the reason behind formal product reviews but I love seeing an end user perspective and it is the same tact I take when I look into products on this site.

Thanks to Nokia Connects I will soon have the Nokia Lumia 925 and 1020 in hand for doing just those types of stories on them so stay tuned from more end user perspective on these handsets.