Shortly after Surface was released stories started to float around the Internet about the device suffering some serious, albeit unintentional, abuse by some owners.

Well if you were curious about the testing that goes into a devices durability, specifically the Surface, before Microsoft releases it publicly then take a look at this short video. It will give you a good idea of the kind of torture the devices go through.

So did you catch all of the things that happened to Surface devices in that video?

Here are some of the ones I saw:

  • Used as bowling pins and being struck by a bowling ball
  • Run over by a car wheel
  • Pushing down on the top of the device with the kickstand out
  • Shaker machine
  • Ball bearings, large ones, being dropped on the screen
  • Liquid being poured on the screen
  • Dropping the retail box with the device inside as well as just dropping the device itself from various heights
  • Inadvertent drops such as knocking it off with your elbow from a table
  • Constant button pushing
  • Opening and closing the kickstand multiple times
  • Frozen in ice
  • Exposed to heat that is hot enough to cook an egg on the screen
  • Dousing the device in a shower
  • Twisting the device

Plus if you look at some of the room names that are flashed by you can only wonder what goes on behind those doors!

  • Walk in Thermal
  • Failure Investigation
  • Reliability 1
  • Reliability 1D Shaker
  • Reliability 1C Control

Gives me a great deal of confidence in my Surface RT which has already taken at least one fall from my hands.

How about you – any stories to tell about inadvertent abuse you have put your Surface through?

Via: (via Microsoft on YouTube)