During last week’s big Nokia Lumia 1020 announcement in New York City a lot of attention was given to the fact that Vine support, along with a few other official apps, was going to finally be coming to Windows Phone in the form of an official Vine App from Twitter.

No estimation was given of when the app would arrive or anything else – just that it was coming at some point. Sounds like a familiar story for some big name apps and Windows Phone doesn’t it?

Well for the last month or so one Windows Phone developer, Rudy Huyn, as been working on an unofficial Vine app and it is now available for Windows Phone 8 users.

No need to wait for an official app any longer.

Before I show you some screenshots and a sample Vine video from the app here are a couple stats from his development of the 6Sec App:

  • It was developed in one month during his free time around his day job
  • 2,000 beta testers
  • Localized in 18 languages
  • More than 15,000 Vine uploads during the beta period

The 6Sec app is a free download and you will have the ability to upload one Vine for free so you can try the app out. However, any further uploads will require an in app purchase of $1.49 to have the permanent ability to upload Vine’s through 6Sec.  Even without the in app purchase you can still explore Vine videos with the app.

The reason behind the in app purchase for sharing your Vines is because the upload process for the app goes through an intermediate server and processing implemented by Rudy to make the videos compatible on Vine.  That server, like many things in the world, costs money to maintain for the service.

Plus, we should support developers who do this kind of work with more than just downloads of their app.

Features of 6Sec include:

  • Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
  • Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and channels
  • Search Vines using hashtags
  • Share Vines to Twitter and Facebook

So here is what the 6Sec App looks like:

wp_ss_20130714_0001 wp_ss_20130714_0002
wp_ss_20130714_0003 wp_ss_20130714_0004
wp_ss_20130714_0007 wp_ss_20130714_0008
wp_ss_20130714_0006 wp_ss_20130714_0005

And now with the new embed feature from Vine your 6Sec videos can be included in blogs all over the web:

You can download the 6Sec App in the Windows Phone Store.