On this Monday we not only start a new week but also the month of July.

June was a very bust month in the tech world and it is not showing any sign of slowing down as we enter July.

Here are a few hints that popped up on our radar over the weekend.

Xbox Music on the Web – We heard about this service a few weeks ago through several of the big tech websites and it has gone live as the calendar has rolled over to July. There is a 30 day trial available that requires a credit card to activate and then it becomes an automatic paid subscription after that at $9.99 per month. The 10 hours of free streaming you get on the Windows 8 Xbox Music App apparently does not work on the new web service. However, an Xbox Music Pass works on all your related platforms.

Slide to Shutdown Windows 8.1 – If you use Windows Phone you are already familiar with this action when you hold the power key to see shutdown the phone. Well it turns out that the same feature is available in the Windows 8.1 Preview and all you need to do is create a shortcut to use it on any Windows 8.1 device.

Microsoft’s SmartGlass Xbox App Downloaded over 17 million times – Depending on how you see this number it could be good or bad. The story compares it with the fact there are over 50 million Xbox Live subscribers and that means 17 million is only around a third of those users. I like one of the commenters point that it has not been implemented well in games so far and that may be slowing down adoption. If games use it for more than just a glorified add on and really make it a key element of game play for key titles this will change quickly.

So are you ready to dive into a new month of tech news?