The much anticipated release of the Windows 8.1 preview, the Windows 8 update formerly known as Blue, will happen today in conjunction with the opening keynote of Microsoft’s Build 2013 developer conference.


That keynote will begin at 9 AM Pacific Time, noon over here on the East Coast of the US, and is expected to highlight the changes that will be found in the Windows 8.1 update and give the attending developers an idea of where Microsoft is headed on the developer support front.

Plenty of leaked screenshots and info is out there on the web for you to read up on but in just a few short hours we get the real deal. Then we will get the chance to see if these updates will help push some folks towards upgrading to the latest version of the Microsoft Windows OS.

You will be able to watch the keynote by heading over to the Channel 9 website to catch the live stream. Of course numerous tech blogs are there as well so there is no lack of live blogs of the keynote either.

Without a doubt Twitter will also be a great source of insight from those attending the conference so you can follow the #bldwin hashtag to keep up with that.