Twas the night before the Windows Blue Preview and all around the net,
Every Windows enthusiasts was stirring but there was no sign of it yet.

They all sat at their computers on the TechNet and MSDN sites hitting F5 to refresh the screen,
In hopes of seeing that Windows 8.1 download would just pop up and appear on the listing.

No one would be snug in their beds anytime soon,
because visions of a Windows update were making them swoon.

The Windows Team members were ready to go and preview this release once again at Build 2013,
In Silicon Valley’s backyard they were, San Francisco, in fact right inside the Moscone.

In Redmond the hectic work of preparing the final Windows 8.1 downloads to go live went on,
Unseen to all of us in the background this was happening the chance to sleep long gone.

All the big tech sites prepared for their live keynote blogging of the event,
No doubt plenty of info would come from the West Coast but this time not from under a tent.

With leaks galore of info and pictures ahead of this release expectations were quite high,
Many wondered if this would give Windows 8 that expected boost and help it fly.

Of course there is no way of telling what the outcome will be but this I can guarantee,
There will be those that love it, those that hate it and those who will be in between.