I have been a big fan of Nextgen Reader with the full Google Reader support they brought to both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.  I used Google Reader as the primary means to share tech links throughout the day on Twitter and so it was great to have one app, that operated and and felt the same on both systems, to review all of the RSS feeds I kept up with.

When the Google Reader shut down was announced abruptly back in March of this year NextMatters, the folks behind Nextgen Reader, quickly let their users know that Nextgen reader would continue beyond the shut down of Google Reader on 01 July 2013 and support one of the new services.

Well in early June they announced that Nextgen Reader would be part of Feedly’s Project Normandy which was an effort by Feedly to bring their API support to several reader apps.

After a closed beta for both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 app NextMatters has released final versions of Nextgen Reader with Feedly support for both platforms.


Nextgen Reader for For Windows Phone. Currently the Windows Phone version is offering an ad-free unlimited trial.

Screenshot (127)

Nextgen Reader for For Windows 8

By the way, for those of you still on Windows Phone 7 devices NextMatters confirms they will update that version as well in the near future.