I am writing this post to clarify a timeline error that is coming across in some reports concerning exactly when the Xbox One moved back into the top spot on Amazon’s Top 100 in Video Games this week.

As of right now there are stories around the web that states the Xbox One once again topped the Sony PS4 console after all of the announcements on Wednesday of this week that reversed policies concerning an always on connection and DRM implementation. That announcement happened on the 19th of June.

All of these stories were published on the 20th of June or later:

I even took the time to contact the author of the first story from NBC News Tech and got an acknowledgement however, the story remains unchanged as of this posting.

So here is the timeline relating to the Amazon pre-order standings from my perspective:

This is the image I included in that post:


The file is named amazontop100consolexboxleadsps4.PNG and was a screenshot I created on 18 June 2013 at 4:27 PM (EDT).

Here are the details of that file:


Bottom line of this post is to publish with clarity that the Xbox One did in fact regain that top spot at Amazon at least 24 hours prior to the announcement that Microsoft would be modifying the policies relating to DRM and an always on internet connection.