The PlayStation 4 announcement at E3 may be trumping the Xbox One on a few different angles but at least one is now even. Interestingly enough it is not getting a lot of traction it seems from some tech sites and that might be because of all those other areas these two next generation consoles are competing in.

A long time argument that was used to differentiate the Xbox 360 console from the PlayStation unit was that an annual subscription was required on Xbox Live Gold to access multiplayer options in games for the Xbox 360.

For those on the PlayStation side of the discussion they were always able to respond with the fact that multiplayer gaming was free on their console.

Well, Monday night during the Sony PS4 E3 announcements the playing field in this area was actually leveled but went fairly un-noticed and un-discussed.

Towards the end of the Sony PS4 E3 Announcement a slide was shown that discussed the PlayStation Plus Network and features that it gave subscribers.

Many of the features will sound very familiar to those enjoyed on Xbox Live Gold including now, on the PlayStation side, multiplayer gaming that will cost PlayStation gamers an annual subscription of about $60.


I am not sure if that subscription can be obtained with any kind of discounts but, as most Xbox 360 gamers know, there are always deals for the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription floating around. It can typically be purchased for less than $40 per year.

So maybe Xbox moves slightly ahead of PS4 on this one then.