Welcome to Episode 93 – a special edition show with our guest Mauro Huculak from PureInfoTech.com.

I decided that with all of the news yesterday relating to E3 with the Xbox One and PS4 briefings to the gaming world as well as some interesting stuff out of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote that we could fill an episode with just those topics.

Guess what? We filled it quite easily and it was great having Mauro on the show for the first time to talk all the different aspects of those events.

We kicked off the show with the Microsoft E3 Global Media Briefing for Xbox One and all of the new games, new Xbox Live features and the confirmed availability and price of the new console.

Following that we talked a little about Apple’s iOS7 announcement yesterday and how the reaction has been quite mixed on social media and also covered some similarities between iOS7 and a certain Windows Phone OS.

Finally, we discussed Sony’s PS4 E3 announcements that happened late in the day on Monday and how they differed from Microsoft’s approach earlier in the day.

We wrapped with how the pre-order battle is going on Amazon.com and some speculation on how things will transpire over the next few months as these consoles come to market.

I just want to add another word of thanks to Mauro for joining me on this special episode of Observed Tech and that I look forward to having him back on soon. You can reach Mauro at @PureInfoTech, www.pureinfotech.com and www.facebook.com/pureinfotech.

Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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