You would almost need to be living under a rock or simply not interested in consumer electronics, specifically the world of next generation gaming consoles, to not be aware that Sony came out swinging last night in their E3 presser about the upcoming PS4.

Of course, with Microsoft having held their global media briefing earlier in the day at E3, Sony had plenty of time to strategize their announcements and possibly make some tweaks to what they would tell the world about their new console.

Based on watching Twitter the areas they hit Microsoft hardest on was the used/shared games options, no need for a regular connection to the Internet and under cutting the announced price of the Xbox One by $100.

With the official announcements out of the way both consoles have gone up for pre-order at numerous online retailers and although not all of those stores list ranks in sales one does –

According to the Amazon Top 100 in Video Games Sony’s PS4 has already jumped out in front of the Xbox One in pre-orders.


Now granted, as I mentioned earlier, these consoles are available on many other online stores and so this is not a definitive ranking of all pre-orders. However, Amazon is a huge retailer and this is certainly an indication of the public’s response to what Sony is offering in comparison to Microsoft.

Obviously there is more to see on this as things evolve now that both announcements are over and we are still a few months from availability but it looks like Round 1 goes to Sony and the PS4.

Update: Other Amazon markets are showing similar results.