Update: According to a new Reddit thread started by ChinaMan28 he has been asked by Microsoft to take down the WP screenshots that were posted to Flickr. They also requested that he return the phone and they in turn will be sending him a new replacement and reimbursing him for the money he paid for the developer phone on eBay.

Liveside, The Verge and WP Central are all reporting today about a series of screenshots that have appeared on Reddit that show early work on a Windows Phone Notification Center.

The Reddit thread, which was started by user ChinaMan28 who says he got the Nokia Lumia 920 off eBay, not only shows the Notification Center but several other enhancements in what may be the next major update to Windows Phone.

Here are some of the screenshots they have posted on Flickr under the user name PandamicPhoto.com:


Check out the new layout of the large Start Screen calendar tile. Looks like it may allow multiple calendar entries to be listed. Also take note of the second tile on the top row in this screenshot because according to the Reddit thread that is the Notification Center Live tile.


This is apparently a new layout in the Calendar App that shows an entire weeks worth of calendar entries in one screen instead of having to swipe up through the agenda view we have now.


This appears to be an installed app listing that is sorted by apps and how often you use them. That could be very handy when you are doing a clean up of your installed apps.


Here is the screenshot of what appears to be a consolidated Notification Center/Page.  They are sorted by app but you have to wonder what else you can do and what can you see if you tap on each entry.

Well they certainly seem legit at this point and a little confirmation coming from a tweet by Paul Thurrott doesn’t hurt that suspicion either.