With a busy Monday upon us between Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 briefing and Apple’s WWDC keynote here are three things that popped up over the weekend.

Why Xbox One’s used games policy doesn’t need to be the end of gaming as we know it (cNet) – This is actually a pretty good article talking about the published policy concerning selling used game or as the author points out the sharing of discs between gamers on different consoles. This is no different that what used to happen with Windows before the implementation of mandatory activation of a Windows install. That caused a lot of turmoil and moaning as well but eventually things settled down. So too will this uproar.

Acer Iconia W3 8 inch Tablet Pre-Orders: Over the weekend this uber small Windows tablet started to get listed at online retailers like Amazon for pre-orders. There is a 64GB and 32GB (affiliate links to Amazon) version of the tablet and they will retail for $429.99 and $379.99 respectively. I am amazed that there are already at least one review posted on each of these devices and likely not by anyone who has touched the tablet.  Some things never change.

Update: Windows Phone Notification Center Details Revealed in Reddit User Screenshots – These screenshots came out on Saturday and showed shots from a development Windows Phone OS that is reportedly Windows Phone Blue or Windows Phone 8.1. The shots were from a Reddit user who purchased the phone, a Nokia Lumia 920, via eBay legally.  Microsoft approached the new owner over the weekend and asked him to pull the shots he had posted and to return the phone. In return they covered the shipping of the device and will send him a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 to take its place. Nice move on Microsoft’s part to resolve this very easily.

So how was your weekend?