Welcome to Episode 91 and another step closer to Episode 100!

There was no show last week because I was on an eight day motorcycle trip so I lead off the show talking a little bit about the experience of riding in Rolling Thunder 26 in Washington, DC for Memorial Day. I was there with a friend from Jacksonville and my brother from Kentucky.  Life is not always 100% about tech nor should it be – right?

I also throw a shout out to a young Sailor from my last command in the Navy who decided to serve for three more years and reenlisted today.

We get into the tech part of Observed Tech finally by announcing the winners of our DrivePop free unlimited lifetime cloud backup accounts so congrats to each of them. We will get a hold of each winner via Facebook to notify you and get the info which is needed for the free account. Our thanks once again for DrivePop’s sponsoring this awesome giveaway. The lifetime unlimited accounts are an awesome deal.

We then talk about several different tech subjects including a recent survey completed by Microsoft about mobile manners, RTM of the Windows Phone App for desktops (yes that is a confusing name), new updates on four of Microsoft’s Dynamic RSS themes, the background into the design of the Xbox One and a great Q&A with Brent Spiner from Start Trek about tech and other things from GeekWire.

The last three stories we discuss before diving headfirst into Windows 8.1 relate to Steven Sinofsky’s appearance at D11 and updates relating to sales numbers of the Office 2013 suite and Office 365 subscriptions.

At this point we break open the posts about the official announcements concerning the upcoming Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 update that is expected to be released for preview on 26 June 2013.

As a new experiment on this show I am going to jump into the comments section of the official Microsoft blog post about these announced changes and respond to several of them on the show.

Should be interesting to say the least and a wealth of information as well. I will of course not use any names from the comments to protect the innocent!

So until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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