This research is the product of a poll that Microsoft conducted on Facebook, called the Mobile Manners and Mayhem poll, which had 700 respondents.

According to the whitepaper they wanted to find out the most frustrating aspects of mobile technology and how it is used and sometimes misused.


Here are just a few of the highlights from the survey:

  • 40% believed men and women both have safe mobile habits
  • 50% said they have pocket dialed someone
  • 47% said they have lost a cell phone at some point
  • 58% said they have shared their location via a mobile phone
  • 29% have checked someone into a location without their permission

The top 5 pet peeves revealed in the survey results were:

  • Constant phone checking
  • Loud talkers
  • Using or not silencing phones when appropriate
  • Using the phone during face-to-face conversation
  • Mobile phone users delaying traffic

Yeah – pretty much on the mark in my opinion.

What do you think?

The files available in this package include a PowerPoint summary of the results, a research highlights white paper and two videos that summarize the research highlights. You can download all of these documents at the Microsoft Download Center – Men, Women & Mobile May 2013