It is being reported today by Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley that the Start Button is in the latest internal build of Windows 8.1 at Microsoft based on some screenshots they have shared on their respective stories.

They are also indicating that Boot to Desktop and the option to use the same wallpaper on the Start Screen and on your desktop apparently to ease the jarring transition between Desktop and Start Screen.

If you dive into the comments on each of those posts you will find many over joyed that the Start Button is returning and of course the addition of the other two features are fairly well received.

I will say that I like the idea of Boot to Desktop as much as I like my idea to have the option to remove the desktop from my Surface RT since I have no need of it. These would be good options depending on how you use your device such as a non-touch desktop compared to a touch based tablet.

However, I am utterly confused by the glee with which the Start Button is being welcomed back.

Could users really not be aware that all that Start Button is likely to do is either take them to the Start Screen that is in Windows 8 or possibly the All Apps page in Windows 8 as reported in those two stories I mentioned earlier?

How does this change anything about Windows 8 for those users who missed the Start Menu?

Windows 8 users could already get to the Start Screen by dragging their mouse in the lower left corner of their screen to see the Start Screen charm pop up and clicking. By the way, that is exactly the same action and location this returning Start Button is at.

So what is the difference between the two beyond the obvious fact that one is visible and one is not?

I mean I might understand the enthusiasm if Microsoft was bringing back the old limited functionality Start Menu but why would anyone want to replace the dynamic Start Screen in Windows 8 with those type of limitations?

My last question is how does this returning button solve the issues that everyone seems to have with Windows 8?