It has been a while since I have tracked any updates to Microsoft’s collection of dynamically updated themes so it was a pleasant surprise to see four of them get new pictures today.

Check out the new additions below.

Aqua Dynamic

Beach sunrise, Praia Grande, São Paulo, Brazil La Maddalena beach, Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia
Lake Michigan located near Portage Lake, Michigan, U.S.

Fauna Dynamic

Rainbow Lizard Alligator
Bald Eagle

Flora Dynamic

Pink flowers Plants in seed
Red foliage Orange flowers
Yellow flowers Red poppies

Terra Dynamic

Forest landscape Brooklyn Bridge, New York, U.S.
Farm yard

The Microsoft Dynamic themes are updated via RSS to add new pictures to the collection. When an image is added to the RSS feed your Windows system will automatically add the image to your theme locally.

Here is to hoping we are beginning to see a new series of updates for all the dynamic themes.