Once again back to our Monday morning and with everyone catching up on the weekend of tech here are three items that caught my eye.

Yahoo board OKs $1.1B purchase of Tumblr (Market Watch): Rumors about this were floating already during last week and this would be huge for Yahoo!  One question I could not get answered clearly when this broke over the weekend was does the Yahoo! boards approval indicate that Tumblr has already said yes?  Also memories of the January 1999 GeoCities acquisition by Yahoo! comes to mind and that purchase was the beginning of the end for GeoCities which had been the home on the web for many.  I am concerned about Tumblr blogs now being required to carry Yahoo! ads but hopefully that will also be a revenue sharing concept for the Tumblr blog owners.

Here’s to eight great years (YouTube Blog): On a quiet Sunday in the tech world, well except for the Yahoo! Tumblr announcement, Google posted their 8th birthday blog post and revealed some boggling numbers on the usage of the popular video site.

  • More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • More than 1 billion people visit monthly.

What did we do before YouTube anyway?

New Surface Ad (Surface Blog): I think this is the video that many would have preferred to see first when Surface RT was coming out.  It certainly shows more about how the device works instead of people just dancing with it.

Have a safe week out there on the Internet of Things!