If you own a Microsoft Surface RT it is very likely you are a member of the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. It is also likely that you own not only that Surface RT but also a Windows Phone and may also already have Windows 8 running your desktop or laptop device.

Well with all those Windows based devices it can be quite a concert when an alert or notification goes off across all of them.

One way to quiet at least one of those platforms is to use the handy Notifications setting that is available on the Charms Bar on the Surface RT.  Now the Surface RT has great battery life but this will extend that even further because the device will not be using resources to indicate an alert or notification has come across the system.

The key for this is when you are going to set the Surface RT aside for a while simply swipe in from the right side of the screen, select Settings on the Charms Bar and then tap Notifications.

You get three options a this point to hide notifications for either 1, 3 or 8 hours. Just tap the one you want and it is done.

Now you can lay your Surface RT to the side and it will not make any notifications or noises for that period of time and that means at least one of your Windows devices is not part of the notification and alert concert around your house.

Here is the process in screenshots:

Screenshot (45)

Screenshot (46)

Screenshot (47)

Screenshot (48)