I have been away from tech stuff since late last week because I was out at TPC Sawgrass volunteering at The Players Championship and watching some great golf but that does not mean the tech world stopped spinning.

As I was doing some catching up today here are three stories that caught my eye.

Staying Centered – This post appeared on The Official Microsoft blog on Friday and was written by Frank X. Shaw the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft.  His post addressed the reaction to recent confirmations by Microsoft about some changes that are coming in the Windows 8 Blue aka Windows 8.1 update expected this summer/fall.  Many analysts took Microsoft’s decision to listen to customer feedback and to make Windows 8 more functional for users as an admission that Windows 8 is a failure like the New Coke was.  Frank addresses that and points towards other sites that are calling for Microsoft to stay the course with Windows 8.

Browser extension hijacks Facebook profiles – Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center is warning users of a malicious extension in Chrome and Firefox that is hijacking Facebook profiles.  They have identified it as Febipos.A and it will attempt several different actions if a user is logged in while browsing Facebook. Check out the entire post for complete details on the threat.

Astronauts Complete Spacewalk to Repair Ammonia Leak – When you are orbiting a couple of hundred miles above the Earth the only resources you have on hand are those that are on the International Space Station. However, just like with Apollo 13, there are also a lot of smart people on the ground to provide backup and between those folks and the astronauts on ISS they apparently solved an ammonia coolant leak that cropped up last week.  The solution included an unscheduled spacewalk by two of the ISS crew members and their work to swap out a cooling pump to stop the leak.  It is absolutely brilliant how they just focus and solve issues in NASA.

Ok now get out there and start this week up – stay safe!