Good Monday morning to everyone out there.

As you sit down to your computing devices and start catching up from the weekend here are three stories that caught our eye.

Robert Scoble: My two week review of Google Glass – You certainly can not count any effort by Robert Scoble as halfway because he goes all in with any new technology that catches his interest and Google Glass is the current one. He is so much into it that we have already seen posts from him about wearing it into a public bathroom and most recently into a shower.  So far he is the most active user of Google Glass I have seen and he is raising all kinds of discussion points about them. I think that is a good move so that all aspects of the device, not just its use, gets talked about.

LivingSocial hacked; 50 million affected – Another huge data breach of user information and this time it includes the personal data of 50 million user accounts on LivingSocial. The daily deals site apparently has admitted internally that the breach has caused the loss of names, e-mails, birthdates and encrypted passwords.  Of course, the normal recommendations apply – change your passwords and security questions for your account. If you are still using the same info for other accounts it is time to change those up as well.

Bing, Skype, and Xbox rebranding plans revealed in Microsoft design presentation – Microsoft has been in a transformation of sorts when it comes to the branding for many of its flagship products and it looks like that will continue.  The Verge is reporting that during a design day event overseas a discussion about the re-imaging of Microsoft revealed that more Microsoft products are in for a branding refresh. Some of these new brandings will likely affect Bing, Skype, Yammer and Xbox.

Welcome to the new work week. Let’s head off and see what is in store for the world of tech.