According to a tweet from Joe Belfiore, the leader of the Microsoft Windows Phone team, the 35th most popular app in the iTunes app store is now available for Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Now it will cost you $1.49 to add this to your phone but there is no chance to try the app out as the developers decided not to add any trial option for it.

The no trial thing for a paid app is a pet peeve of mine but this little app has fired off another issue for me – it is free over in the iTunes store –

So exactly how does that work anyway?

Free to the iOS masses but to the obviously smaller group of Windows Phone users it will cost $1.49.

Marked me confused on this one.

Let me offer a little tip here before you head off and buy this app just because it is coming from the iOS world.

Check out Phototastic on Windows Phone which works with both WP 7.5 and WP 8 handsets. They offer not only a premium paid version for $1.99 but they also have a free ad supported version for you to try out and use permanently if you prefer not to buy it outright and support them via the ads.

Check out this Phototastic feature list:

  • 50+ standard frame collages
  • 30+ image effects (with more to come)
  • rounded frame borders
  • changeable frame border inner and outer width
  • changeable frame colors
  • Polaroid, filmstrip, photobooth and grunge frames
  • Facebook support
  • Flickr support
  • Twitter support
  • Tumblr support
  • Photobucket support
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Support borders that are bigger than screen
  • Rear and front camera support
  • Action camera – pack all the action into a couple of seconds!
  • Timed camera – take multiple photo’s with adjustable timer.
  • Multiple photos in fast action camera mode
  • Facebook cover and profile frames
  • Phone lock/wallpaper screen frames

Now checkout the features from Pic Stitch:

  • 32 different layouts
  • 12 different photo aspect ratios (1×1, 4×6, 3×4, 5×7, 9×16, etc)
  • Amazing photo fx filters
  • Customize photo borders
  • Easy to use UI
  • Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom
  • Share to Facebook
  • Save to photo album
  • Share via email
  • High resolution export

Certainly seems like the ThumbMonkeys, who developed Phototastic, are invested in Windows Phone instead of just dropping an app in and seeing what they can make of its iOS popularity.

Ultimately, it is your choice which app you use and/or purchase but it is really frustrating to see a drop in that appears to just be out to make money off the Windows Phone community when they offer the same thing for nothing to iOS.

Developers should get paid for their work of that I am OK with – I just do not like a tactic like this.