You may have heard of Soluto before around the web and you have certainly heard of them here at

Soluto, an Israeli based company, currently provides a service that allows you to track the PC’s of family and friends to keep an eye on their boot time and the programs that adversely impact the systems performance.  Soluto’s current offering is perfect for anyone who provides family based tech support because it will alert you whenever some item is installed which slows down the systems boot up time or if any installed software may be out of date.  The end result is less frustration on their part and fewer calls to you for family for tech support from everyone.

Well those offerings are about to change and bring an increased focus on the business side of the house. Soluto, who has opened a business related office in New York City, will now let IT pros see all PCs they manage in one place, receive email alerts when things go wrong, remedy them with one click from any web browser – even when the PCs supported are shut down.

So what differentiates what Soluto currently offers and the new business plans?  Features of course that appeal to a businesses IT needs to manage multiple PC’s including monitoring, updates and remote access.

  • Soluto is proactive, meaning that Soluto notifies IT pros automatically when there’s a problem, rather than them having to constantly check the status of things. Soluto’s alerts are actionable, they carry action buttons inside them you can click wherever you receive them – on any PC, Mac or smartphone, saving tons of time and reducing frustrations.
  • Soluto is an offline cloud-based web service. This means that you can access Soluto from every device that has a browser, you can even do remote desktop from every PC, Mac or smartphone. Offline means you can take actions on PCs even when they are shut down, and they will happen when the PC powers on again.
  • Soluto is designed for both the IT pro and the co-worker or customer receiving support – resulting in people appreciating their IT and communicating better with them.
  • Soluto takes minutes to set-up with no initial cost.
  • With Soluto you can remote access into PCs from any device.

There will be four price levels for the new service offerings and features

  • Soluto Lite: to evaluate or use at home. Manage up to 3 PCs, limited remote access, basic reporting and alerts. Free forever.
  • Soluto Pro: the perfect plan for a small business. Manage up to 10 PCs, unlimited remote access, real-time alerts and full reporting. $8.33 per month on a yearly plan or $9.99 per month on a monthly plan.
  • Soluto Business Pro: the plan for IT pros. Manage up to 50 PCs, includes 12 months of data history, bulk actions, grouping, branding and 4 hour support responsiveness 24/7. $49.79 per month on a yearly plan or $59.99 per month on a monthly plan.
  • Soluto Enterprise: for larger operations. Includes customized reporting and phone support. Contact Soluto for a quote.

I have used Soluto’s current offerings since their beta days and can say they have been perfect for helping me take care of PC’s that I am local to and several states apart from. I have no doubt that these new business offerings and features will expand those options nicely.  The goal of these services are not only to properly support the user but to improve the relationship between the IT support system and the end user.  Soluto allows that to happen by keeping the user informed of the updates and actions taken by tech support and even providing an opportunity for a dialog between the two. It is a much better system than just support tickets and random office visits to perform upgrades.

Check out the new services in these screenshots of the user experience:

01 - Soluto - PCs dashaboard 03 - Soluto - start remote access
04 - Soluto - accept remote access 05 - Soluto email - PC logbook
11 - Soluto - supported person asks a quick question using F8 12 - Soluto - how an F8 question looks on IT side
10 - Soluto - a supported person see what IT has done, can send thanks 09 - Soluto email on iPhone - Windows Update 2
06 - Soluto email on iPhone - Cut boot 06 - Soluto email on iPhone - Cut boot-Rich-Windows8DT