Catching up from the weekend and need a quick peek at a few of the stories you may have missed?

Just how much do people hate Windows 8? – This is a great example of crowd sourcing without actually asking people to do it.  This weekend Ed Bott from ZD Net spent some time digging through the reviews for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista to get a good handle on just how the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system stacks up against its predecessors. You might just be surprised at the results especially if you read a lot of tech pundits posts on this subject.

Pressgram- It’s like Instagram, but for WordPress, and you own everything – This post over at The Next Web is about a new Kickstarter project from developer John Saddington that will bring the features of the very popular app Instagram to WordPress installations.  The goal is to give you complete control over your photos and not let them become the property of some service.  Unfortunately, the initial development goals only includes the plugin for WordPress (both self hosted and and an iPhone app.  According to the Kickstarter project page it will take reaching $80K for an iPad version, $100K for an Android version, $130K for a Windows Phone version and $150K for a BlackBerry version.  Currently the project is at just over $39K of its initial $50K goal.

Skype for Windows 8 updated, improves performance and enables contact blocking – Over at WP Central they highlight an update to Skype that came out over the weekend that adds some fixes and functionality.  Just in case you were unaware, we are just 7 days from the cutover from Windows Live Messenger to Skype, so that means the sooner you cutover the better to get up to speed if you are unfamiliar with Skype.

Of course today is also April 1st and that means an onslaught of April’s Fools joke stories across the Internets.  Take everything with a grain of salt, as you should everyday actually, just to make sure you survive the day without having a coronary!