Are you interested in having an opportunity to possibly impact the shape and future of the services provided through from Microsoft?

Are you an enthusiast who uses those services and enjoys sharing your experiences with others and helping them learn the benefits of using those tools?

Then the Microsoft Team is looking for you to apply to be a member of the Insider Program.

According to the Program Manager, Galileo Vieira, this program will provide a lot of avenues to assist and share info about

  • Access to the latest news, product release information, and content.
  • Invitations to participate at local events the team will be present at.
  • Direct access to the team.

Now this program is not just about signing up and getting to do cool things – there are some requirements if you are invited to participate:

To become an Insider, all you have to do is publish six (06) blog posts throughout this year (2013), with at least one post published each month, sharing how you use the product. Blog entries can be posted on any site (e.g. WordPress, Blogspot, etc.).

Topics for your blog posts could be things like:

  • Managing your various newsletters, daily deals, and subscriptions in
  • Using to handle group email and/or projects.
  • Using with your family members.
  • How you incorporate SkyDrive and Office Web Apps to make more productive.
  • Special tips or tricks to using that people might now know of.
  • Your experience attending an event.

There are also two restrictions related to eligibility for the program and that is all participants must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States.  Microsoft also mentions on the program registration page that participation is limited and participant selection will be at the sole discretion of Microsoft.

So I recommend you head over and get registered if you want the chance to participate as it is a great opportunity to be involved. Insider Registration