Welcome to a new week and a quick catch up on three things we discovered this past weekend.

If Grumpy Cat is the biggest news, is SXSW in trouble? – As big as the Grumpy Cat Meme is on the Internet it is no wonder that Mashable’s hosting of the soured face feline is one of the most popular attractions at the annual South By South West festival in Austin, TX.  Animal lovers everywhere will be glad to know Grumpy’s keepers are limited the cat’s exposure to the crowds which are apparently lined up for blocks for a chance to snap a shot of the cat.  The fascinating kitty’s visit has not been without its detractors though who are concerned about the cat being over stimulated by all the attention and people.  I have owned cat’s for years and am convinced they are quite capable of being aloof and disapproving all on their own without any outside influence.  I am sure Grumpy is just fine with everything that is happening.

EA: SimCity server response time has improved 40-fold since launch – It has not been a good week for EA and their recent launch of SimCity. The public relations mess that has resulted on Twitter and across the Internet resulted in them trying to save some credibility by offering anyone who purchased/purchases this new version of SimCity by 14 March 2013 a free game,  I am not sure that is going to fix the ill feelings that now exists between dedicated fans of the franchise and its creators.

College Students: Work Together Without Being Together with Office 365 and SkyDrive – With the release of Office 365 one of the best student related offerings is the Office 365 University subscription that costs just $79.99 for four years.  With this subscription you get the ability to use Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access on up to two devices. On top of that you also get an additional 20GB of SkyDrive storage for the length of the subscription.  Well if you are not sure about the offerings in the Office 365 University package you can now check them out starting today for three months. If you share the offer on Facebook and you can add three more months to the trial offer.

Ok, time to shake off that Daylight Savings Time switch and get this week moving forward!