Just five days ago I asked the question if the #2InstaWithLove hashtag and app would help convince Instagram to bring a Windows Phone app to the platform.

That same day I started tracking the #2InstaWithLove hashtag to see how it would do over the course of time and I wanted to update where it is after the first five days of tracking.


As you can see the initial response after the apps release was also the peak of the hashtags usage.  Since then it has slowly declined although it has not been a massive drop since it came down from those first couple of days.  The lower graphs show the potential reach and timeline deliveries for these tweets.  Of course there is no guarantee that the #2InstaWithLove tweets were read by that many people as it just shows they could have potentially read them on their timelines.  Basically that number is derived from the number of people followed by those who used the hashtag.


This chart shows you the total number of tweets with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag and the level of engagement from the Twitter users for that hashtag.  The stats for the top 20 and top 100 are for users who sent a tweet with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag and not necessarily the top Twitter users overall.


Here is the breakdown of the different platforms that sent tweets with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag. No surprise that Windows Phone is dominating it as that is the platform the app was made for.

The #2InstaWithLove app was released only for Lumia phones initially so maybe it is time to consider widening the release to all Windows Phone handsets. That in turn would give a bump to the overall tweets with the hashtag in them and give this effort some more life.

What do you think? Any chance this type of thing makes an Instagram App come to Windows Phone any faster?

The Hashtag tracking charts are from HashTracking.com.