Now this I like to see.

A very large company, whose fingerprints are all over websites across the Internet, decided to put their initial mobile app development efforts into the Windows Phone platform instead of iOS or Android.

Disqus, the comment management standard, published the Disqus App for Windows Phone today and it gives you the ability to not only manage your own sites comments but also the commenting you do on other sites.

I think this is very significant amongst all the app related discourse with the platform and that it is not attracting the big names.  Disqus is a big name and has brought their wares to Windows Phone first.  I have never understood the idea that just because there is one or two apps missing that the platform is not a viable option however, I also get that why people pick their platforms is as different as why we pick the close we wear.  Still this is a great step in seeing an app exclusive on the platform.

I am not sure it will be the deciding factor in someone switching to Windows Phone but it is pretty cool as a Windows Phone user and website owner that uses Disqus.

Here are some screenshots of the app in use on my phone:

wp_ss_20130305_0007 wp_ss_20130305_0002
wp_ss_20130305_0004 wp_ss_20130305_0005

Source: WP Central