Yesterday Nokia released an app that many may consider tongue in cheek but it is intended to display the enthusiasm of Windows Phone users who would like to see Instagram bring their app to Windows Phone.

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren Microsoft is supposedly already working on an Instagram App that would need to be approved by Instagram before it is given the ability to access the Instagram system  No word on when that will see the light of day though.

Still that prospect of an app has not stopped Nokia from diving into this campaign and so they developed #2InstaWithLove which applies a Polaroid filter over a photo with the tag #2InstaWithLove and then gives you options to save it or share it to Twitter or Facebook.


When the picture is shared to your social networks it includes the #2InstaWithLove hashtag.

Nokia’s intent with this app is spelled out in a blog post on the Conversations blog:

We’ve been listening, and we know you all love Instagram. The only way for us to show how much the Nokia community really care about bringing this world class app to Windows Phone, is by having a little fun and showing Instagram just how passionate you all are.

The app allows Windows Phone users to have their voice heard so that instead of letters, chocolates, mix tapes or petitions (although very effective in some cases), the community can speak directly to Instagram and the Instagram community in a way they can respect…through the use of beautiful photography.

A quick look at the activity around the hashtag #2InstaWithlove over the last hour shows it is getting some steady exposure:

  • Averaging 30 tweets every five minutes
  • 282 contributors to the hashtag
  • 336 tweets
  • reaching 988K Twitter users
  • Over 1 million timeline deliveries

It would probably get even more exposure if the app was available for all Windows Phones but currently only Nokia users can download it.

So what do you think? Is this type of effort going to convince Instagram to get their app on the Windows Phone platform any faster or is it just a peep in a very noisy world?