The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex is under going significant renovations as they continue the work on Space Shuttle ATLANTIS’s new home at the historic center in Central Florida.

ATLANTIS will be permanently on display in a brand new building at the visitors center that will feature her appearing as if she is on orbit.

The $100 million home for Atlantis will be the marquee element of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s 10-year master plan. Initial design concepts for the 65,000 square-foot home for the space-flown orbiter include viewing the space shuttle in flight, showing how the spacecraft worked in space and providing a unique vantage point for guests to look at the complex vehicle up-close. Complementing the orbiter display will be interactive features reflecting major accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

The new building is due to open in the Summer of 2013.

However, until then you can keep up with the progress on the facility by visiting which will take you to the KSCVC Facebook page and two live camera views.

The first one is an exterior view of the buildings façade and entryway:


The other shot is of the interior of the building showing ATLANTIS and the walkway that visitors will be able to access to check the orbiter out:


If you want to take the peeking in to another level then visit where you can zoom and pan the second camera. Take a look at some of the older pictures on the calendar there and see the scale of the construction as you can see the workers in some of them.

So do you plan to visit ATLANTIS’s in her new home?