For those of you who may not have been part of the early adopters group of Tweetro+ users when it first came back after being shut down by Twitter then now may be your chance to get the new version of Tweetro+ at just $4.99.

According to the new listing in the Windows Store, which was just updated, the half price offer ends in January with no specific date given.  Another part of the holiday offerings from Lazyworm Apps for Tweetro+ users is a discount on adding additional user accounts.


Since the paid version of Tweetro+ came out the cost was $9.99 for those of us that jumped right in and bought the paid version and that $9.99 also included the ability to have two Twitter accounts in the program with additional accounts, up to a total of five, for $2.99 each.

During this holiday special you can add those extra Twitter accounts to Tweetro+ for just .99 cents each.

Overall the $4.99 cost and the additional accounts for just .99 cents each is a great deal.

Of course, their options for user accounts are still limited to 100K user tokens from Twitter so they can not sell copies all day long without paying attention to those limits.

That means if you have even remotely considered getting Tweetro+ and may have been put off by the $9.99 initial pricing then this is likely your best opportunity to get the software at a discount.

Source: Windows Store – Tweetro+ App