Whether it is questions about their terms of service or their lack of desire to support a growing community of Windows Phone users you have to ask yourself – do we really need Instagram on the Windows Phone platform?

I get that it is one of the most popular photo sharing/editing apps out there for iOS and Android phones and up until recently was best of friends with Twitter. Now they are owned by Facebook and pretty much irritated their entire community of users with the change of a few words in their terms of service. A terms of service they say was misunderstood by those who read it and resulted in their reverting back to the original TOS.

Anyway, the question is rhetorical because if you are looking for the ability to enhance the photos you share via your Windows Phone handset then options already exists in the Windows Phone Store.

Here are a few recommendations from what I found in the Windows Phone Store:



Fhotoroom is a pro camera, photo sharing network and professional mobile photo editor.

Our Pro Camera is focused on achieving the absolutely best results that your camera can produce. Utilizing technology like our custom EV (Auto Exposure), Grid and Level all come together to extend the ability of your camera. Our photo sharing network allows uses to show off their photos with our very fast growing community of winographers. You can also share your beautiful photos with skydrive, flickr, facebook, twitter or tumblr all at once with a single click.

Making beautiful photos in Fhotoroom is easier than ever. You can fix/tweak your photos using our Basic Editor, give your special moments a unique Style from over +50 different filters which are all customizable and then give your photo a final touch with our custom designed frames.



Lomogram is a photo editing app with more than 40 filters, lots of borders and light effects that can be combined in numerous ways to achieve unique look.  Share your photos with facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr and vk to impress your friends! – 42 filters. – 72 lightening effects. – 49 borders. – share with facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr and vk. – crop, rotate & flip. – 10 languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese (BR), Hungarian and Ukrainian.

Pictures Lab


The app comes with controllable, easy-to-use, but advanced effects like different vintage and hipster-like filters, Tilt Shift (miniature faking), HDR, Lomo, Soften, Auto Adjust, Sharpen, Comic, Bulge, B&W, Sepia and many more. Dynamic previews of the effects are shown in a list, making it possible to easily pick the right one. The high quality borders are also presented in a nice preview list and can be combined with any filter and any aspect ratio. Multiple effects can also be combined. It is also possible to crop, rotate and flip images. An enhanced picture and the EXIF data can be saved to the phone’s pictures hub or shared directly on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Later editing is also supported. The app performs the image processing on the original picture in its original resolution, thus making it also possible to print the image or use it as desktop wallpaper.

Here are some of my sample shots with these apps:



FR0002 PicturesLab_HeatImage_FX_2012-12-21_16-19-12

Do you have a favorite photo editing program on Windows Phone?

If so, please share about it in the comments below so others can check it out.