We have heard all the news about the cameras on the Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phone and seen the comparisons between them and consumer DSLR’s.  The added benefit of the cameras on Nokia phones is the additional and exclusive lenses that Nokia provides to enhance the pictures you take.

Over on the Nokia Conversations Blog they provide a walk through of using one of those Nokia only lenses, Smart Shoot, to deal with unwanted objects in your photos or for getting the best reaction from all of your subjects in a picture.

Here is the basics of how Smart Shoot works.

Using the lens either from the Lenses menu in camera mode or from the app itself in the app list you take a photo and are asked to hold the screen steady for a few seconds.

When you take the photo Smart Shoot takes a series of shots and then allows you to select the best one. However, lets say someone walks across your photo and is in the best shot of the group.

With Smart Shoot you can edit that shot to remove the infringing part of the image. The clean images to replace the removed area come from the other shots taking at the same time using Smart Shoot.

Here is a demo I did showing off a few of the Christmas decorations that are starting to come out of boxes at our house.  In the midst of taking this shot my wife walked across the image and I caught her leg in what I consider to be the best shot.

So by tapping on the Edit icon on that image I select Erase Objects from the on screen menu and Smart Shoot then analyzes this image against the others which were taken in the series. It identifies the objects that are transient and then outlines them for you to choose to remove.  A simple tap and that part of the image is replaced and you now have that perfect shot.

Screenshot of Smart Shoot showing the image I want to use.
WP_20121212_09_32_42_SmartShoot (1)
The final image after my wife’s leg is removed from the picture by Smart Shoot.

Smart Shoot lets you do a very similar process to make sure that all of your photo subjects have their eyes open and are smiling for that perfect shot as well.

Read more at the source plus see a demo video from Nokia.

Source: Nokia Conversations – Using Smart Shoot on your Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820